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Learn what an escort’s image is and how to create your own. This is important because your image is what you’re really selling. Target your ads/Web site to appeal to exactly the clients you want.

How much should you charge? Enough for you to accomplish whatever goals you want. An honest look at your finances and a simple math formula gives you the answer you need. Don’t allow the false economics of escort work keep you from earning what you should.

Even though what you say is important, no one will stop to look at your ad if your pictures aren’t great. The best way to get good pictures is by using a professional photographer. If that’s currently beyond your budget, never fear! You get plenty of simple, DIY information from someone who has a degree in photography.

Put everything together and write your ad. It’s a little different from writing your Web site text, though. For one thing, you have less room on your ad. And potential clients expect certain information in the ad that may or may not be repeated on your Web site.